Charlie Tredway,


Charlie Tredway, 33 years old, South African born and raised in New Zealand and in the US. He is a man living with HIV, and we couldn’t be more proud of you!


What a year to be alive!


He will represent Kiwis on the world stage after being crowned Mr Gay New Zealand.

He won the competition after 10 finalists were put through their paces at the Big Gay Out in Auckland last Sunday. The 10 finalists who were among dozens of candidates were required to conduct a series of tasks including, writing and article on a topic of their choice, a charity challenge, and a Q&A at the final.


Our beautiful Charlie works for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation “I am passionate about community involvement, especially working towards a greater discussion about HIV so we can dispel the myths and misconceptions. These hinder the ability of HIV+ people to lead a wonderful, authentic life free of stigma and are also a barrier to reducing the rate of new infections.” Way to go Charlie!





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