Just introducing something I’ve been working on. 

Recently, my youngest sister, Julia, basically the one that follows everything i do online (besides my partner who’s the one next to me when i’m doing it, and my mom who’s always criticizing everything) told me that I should have a channel on youtube and share videos to compliment the nice work I’ve been doing on the blog (those are her words)…


Well, I kinda always wanted to do that, but never had the courage to.

So, now im doing it! and I wanted to share with ya all the first TRAILER of the work we’ve been doing (and by we, I mean my partner Roy and I).

That is the man I love

I also wanted to share with you that have been following the blog, enjoying and being inspired by it, that pretty soon, I’ll be introducing people that have been changing our LGBTQ community here in Toronto and all around the world.


I  started already on my last post about Charlie Tredway, he is someone we should all be looking up to! But I want to do more, I’ve already set it up a couple of interviews and I’m working on that and it’s going to be FABULOUS!

Also, soon, we will have a collaborator from Los Angeles, California, I know, eh! CALI!! She is an amazing woman, I’ve got the chance to meet back in Rio de Janeiro (where I’m from), she has her own blog and she is doing an amazing work there, it is beautiful and I think you should check it out, and it was an honour to me when she agreed to have a column here and share with us about her own experiences and life changing experiences.

I really hope you’re all enjoying it, and please, keep in mind, i’m here so we can change the world!

Leave comments, send me emails and we will go from there!

Let’s make a change!







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