We’re in Niágara Falls

We’ve been working on some cool videos that will be uploaded next weekend. 

I recently graduated from college, this week actually. So before starting the crazy grown up life, we decided to come to Niágara falls and enjoy those 3 days we have in between my last day of class and my placement in a big law firm starting next week. 

Last night, my partner went for te first time tô a Brazilian restaurant and had real Brazilian food (not the rice and beans I usually prepare for him), I made sure to record those moments, and we’re preparing a video based on that experience too, ce’mon a Canadian guy having real Brazilian barbecue for the first time can’t be missed, right? 

I hope you all enjoyed your family day weekend, and hope you’re week is going as fabulous as it can be! 

Btw, big new things are coming to our blog! More and more partnerships and information coming for those who believe! 

Now, subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel, and let’s keep in touch!

Muah, Pedro! 


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