Brazil, why are you killing us?

I’ve always considered myself a very luck person to live here, in this beautiful blessed country called Canada. Usually, people ask me, “you’re from Rio, what the heck are you doing here?!”

Well, my country is going through an epidemic of Anti-Gay violence! Nothing happened to me physically, as I said, I feel blessed. But i see people i love, people I don’t know, but I see my people getting killed for nothing… for being gay????


Well, this morning I woke up for this video on my timeline on facebook … I couldn’t find the video on Youtube as it was aired on brazilian tv last night, and yet, they’ve already got 2 millions views in that beautiful message. Even if you don’t speak portuguese, you can feel the energy… I’m quoting here what is said by the singer in the end of the song …


“Brasil is the country that most kill transvestites, transexuals, homossexuals and bisexual people in the world. This has to end. Enough! That’s  the only way we can redeem ourselves.”


If you want to know more about the singer his name is Liniker and he calls himself a “black faggot”. Liniker, as a Brazilian, I’m proud of you!! Keep doing your great work!

Pedro Ribeiro.



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