Gimme VOGUE.


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You’re probably asking the reason why I’m writing about this, it is so old news! But not all gay guys my age and younger know where this dance movement came from, as I didn’t know until recently. In my mind those were just movements from madonna’s most famous video clip and I believe I’m not the only one.

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Voguing – by the historical accounts, a form of dance that was created on the streets of Harlem by a subculture of young black and latino gay men in the 1980’s, it is most easily recognised for its flamboyant hand movements, twirls and poses based on the runway walks of models, using exaggerated hand gestures and elaborate poses, they stood in front of club mirrors and slowly played out the Fifth Avenue scene.

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Usually performed to house music and a chorus of men screaming “Werk” and “Yaaas” but trust me, it is way more complex than that. Voguing is an art that is inextricably linked with ideas of fashion, luxury and social economic mobility; its dramatic hand and leg movements are based on elements of classical ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques such as those founded by Martha Graham and Lester Horton.
giphy (16)I recently watched “Paris is burning” on Netflix, and if like me, you’re looking for that historical link to understand some of our recent cultural events, you should take a look and watch carefully this documentary as you might feel bad if you miss something, and yes, I’m just telling you every single line in that movie is relevant.

Stay tuned for more info.

L.ife G.ets B.etter T.ogether





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