My Top 5 Podcasts!

Hello all!

I am back and this time around I shall share my favourite podcasts with you! I listen to a lot of them. On the bus. Subway. Waiting at the doctor’s office. Or just any place I get time to kill really!

I love it when my friends and I have a shared podcast we listen to because then we can chat about it and obsessively get into the details. It’s kinda like reading a book and then debating about the details of the characters and plot line.

So with no further delay, let’s get into it.

The Read


These queens are heaven and have provided me with weekly entertainment for years now. I have heard (save maybe 2 or 3 episodes) every episode they have put out there for years. They are funny, smart, and as the kids would “lit.” (Yes, I did use the Oxford comma there and thank you for noticing it.)

Their episodes are split into three sections. It starts out with a preface to ‘Black Excellence,’ where they acknowledge black people who have excelled in many ways. It could be a black girl who applied and got accepted to ALL Ivy league schools OR the first Black and Female librarian of the Library of Congress! Sort of a way to reinforce the idea that black people can excel in many areas of academic and professional world.


Then they gossip about the Rap and R/B world and/or celebrity drama, acknowledge listener questions, and then there is ‘The Read’ section, where they “read” anything that bothers them for the week. If you don’t know what “reading” is, might I recommend watching Paris is burning! For any gay man, at least, and perhaps for the rest of the public, this 80’s documentary is a must watch.

The combination of talking trash about the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, answering questions about if it’s ok for ‘first cousins’ to fuck each other, and ‘reading’ the fuck out of Donald Trump in the Post-Obama era makes this an absolute must-listen podcast.

They are genuine AND funny. And very smart and clever. And did I say funny? Coz they are funny as fuck!



The next podcast I would recommend is Gastropod! It is an unusual podcast in the sense that we tend to overlook our everyday food choices and just consume what’s in front of us without thinking of the origins of it. This podcast delves in a very unique and microscopic way of looking at food and drink, and speaks of its history, origin, and current usage.

Do you want to know about the history of how vitamins became so important to our life and culture? Or maybe how some Chinese dishes you consume were made in America and not China! Or you would be open to the fact that consuming bitter flavours actually makes you hungrier!! An aperitif like ‘Campari’ can actually increase your hunger and appetite!

I love this podcast because they talk about all things food. Now listen, I am, and I am NOT a foodie. My breakfast is basically a bottle of Boost. And I usually eat one, maybe two meals a day. But that doesn’t mean I am not interested in the history of food. I wanna know why shiitake mushrooms taste fucking awesome as opposed to button mushrooms which are less than basic! Or how the discovery of Cheese changed the course of the Western world!


A fantastic podcast run by a very ‘Valley’ sounding Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley with a fascinatingly mixed American-English accent, you are bound to hear and learn something new every week! They talk about quite unique and sometimes strange areas of food culture.

Just like the creators of ‘The Read,’ these two make an awesome duo who are able to bounce ideas off of each other organically and play with puns, jokes, and provide informative knowledge at the same time!

Do give them a listen! I adore them and their knowledge!

Under The Influence


This is one of my favourite podcasts ever! On the outwards, it looks like it would be related to alcohol or drugs (due to the name) but it actually turns out to be completely different than what you might think!

This podcast is all about how advertising and marketing shapes our thinking and buying trends! It’s a funny play of words about how we, as consumers, are under the influence of the whims and fancies of advertisers and marketers!

Want to know why cereal is so ubiquitous of a breakfast item to our current world? Or how gendered marketing, when it comes to childrens’ toys, is so influential! Or maybe learn about how ‘Influencers’ have replaced traditional forms of advertising and marketing! Then this podcast is for you!

Mr. O’Reilly has a long history within the advertising and marketing world of Toronto and works with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to produce his wildly popular radio show and podcast, ‘Under the Influence.’


His work is both educational and easy to listen to. I love his conversational style and every podcast is just a joy to listen to because it feels like you are hearing a close friend telling you a story! Of course, given his job, he must make it mildly slow and monotonous, but if you listen to enough of his podcasts, you will know exactly what I mean! You will happily dismiss the rather monotonous and slow speaking style for the knowledge you gain. It’s a joy really.

Savage Lovecast


Sex, sex, and more Sex! Anything and everything you can think about sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation; this man can answer!

He is very smart. And at least from my observation, trained in the Cognitive Behavioural Techniques of seeing how thoughts effect emotions and behaviour.

Nothing freaks him out though! An orgy, threesome, fisting — bring it on! I have heard listeners from all walks of life ask him questions about how to introduce their boyfriends to the BDSM world or how a Poly-bisexual cleaning lady had to deal with a customer leaving cum all over his bath tub.

You definitely need to be VERY open and have a strong backbone to get through the podcast. But if you were to do it, I think there are a couple of qualities you need to have.


A. You need to be sex-positive. B. You need a curiosity about the different ways that people have sex. (Trust me, it’s not just missionary all the time.) People get kinky and people get kinky ALL the fucking time. C. You have to learn to live with the discomfort. If something you hear bothers you, then stop listening and ponder or come back to it later. Listen, I am not forcing you to listen to him but I am just telling you that he is a great source of advice and information about all things related to sex, sexuality, and orientation. It’s upto you and I’m ok either way!

No Such Thing As A Fish


The QI elves! Do you know who those are? Do you know what QI is? I assure you that these ‘elves’ have nothing to do with Irish folklore. They are not tiny and most certainly not related to Bilbo Baggins!

QI is a British tv program, short for ‘Quite Interesting.’ It has a bunch of guests every episode and they are tested on their facts and knowledge through questions asked to them. The questions are mostly fact based and curious in the sense that you wouldn’t think of them. You have to watch an episode or two of the show on youtube to really get a sense of what I’m talking about.

The people behind this podcast are the same ones who do the research for the show. They fact-check. Fact-hunt. Cross-reference. And a myriad of other things related to logic.

If you are a nerd and geek like me, you will love this podcast! I love learning about obscure facts and knowledge. Like why the First-cousin-of-Lady-Bathurst-of Chesire’s-second-great-aunt wore teal panties. Ok. I made all that shit up but you get what I mean!


It’s a fun podcast that will increase your knowledge about absolutely useless shit that you think you shouldn’t know but then you listen and kinda go, hmmm … I should know this! I have learned all sorts of stuff about the London Underground to why the Yellowstone National Park is basically a super volcano that will explode in the future at some point, and no one knows when. Not to sound alarmist!

Great geeky podcast. That’s my point.

All right. I’m out. Have a great day!



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