My Top 5 Podcasts!

Hello all!

I am back and this time around I shall share my favourite podcasts with you! I listen to a lot of them. On the bus. Subway. Waiting at the doctor’s office. Or just any place I get time to kill really!

I love it when my friends and I have a shared podcast we listen to because then we can chat about it and obsessively get into the details. It’s kinda like reading a book and then debating about the details of the characters and plot line.

So with no further delay, let’s get into it.

The Read


These queens are heaven and have provided me with weekly entertainment for years now. I have heard (save maybe 2 or 3 episodes) every episode they have put out there for years. They are funny, smart, and as the kids would “lit.” (Yes, I did use the Oxford comma there and thank you for noticing it.)

Their episodes are split into three sections. It starts out with a preface to ‘Black Excellence,’ where they acknowledge black people who have excelled in many ways. It could be a black girl who applied and got accepted to ALL Ivy league schools OR the first Black and Female librarian of the Library of Congress! Sort of a way to reinforce the idea that black people can excel in many areas of academic and professional world.


Then they gossip about the Rap and R/B world and/or celebrity drama, acknowledge listener questions, and then there is ‘The Read’ section, where they “read” anything that bothers them for the week. If you don’t know what “reading” is, might I recommend watching Paris is burning! For any gay man, at least, and perhaps for the rest of the public, this 80’s documentary is a must watch.

The combination of talking trash about the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, answering questions about if it’s ok for ‘first cousins’ to fuck each other, and ‘reading’ the fuck out of Donald Trump in the Post-Obama era makes this an absolute must-listen podcast.

They are genuine AND funny. And very smart and clever. And did I say funny? Coz they are funny as fuck!



The next podcast I would recommend is Gastropod! It is an unusual podcast in the sense that we tend to overlook our everyday food choices and just consume what’s in front of us without thinking of the origins of it. This podcast delves in a very unique and microscopic way of looking at food and drink, and speaks of its history, origin, and current usage.

Do you want to know about the history of how vitamins became so important to our life and culture? Or maybe how some Chinese dishes you consume were made in America and not China! Or you would be open to the fact that consuming bitter flavours actually makes you hungrier!! An aperitif like ‘Campari’ can actually increase your hunger and appetite!

I love this podcast because they talk about all things food. Now listen, I am, and I am NOT a foodie. My breakfast is basically a bottle of Boost. And I usually eat one, maybe two meals a day. But that doesn’t mean I am not interested in the history of food. I wanna know why shiitake mushrooms taste fucking awesome as opposed to button mushrooms which are less than basic! Or how the discovery of Cheese changed the course of the Western world!


A fantastic podcast run by a very ‘Valley’ sounding Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley with a fascinatingly mixed American-English accent, you are bound to hear and learn something new every week! They talk about quite unique and sometimes strange areas of food culture.

Just like the creators of ‘The Read,’ these two make an awesome duo who are able to bounce ideas off of each other organically and play with puns, jokes, and provide informative knowledge at the same time!

Do give them a listen! I adore them and their knowledge!

Under The Influence


This is one of my favourite podcasts ever! On the outwards, it looks like it would be related to alcohol or drugs (due to the name) but it actually turns out to be completely different than what you might think!

This podcast is all about how advertising and marketing shapes our thinking and buying trends! It’s a funny play of words about how we, as consumers, are under the influence of the whims and fancies of advertisers and marketers!

Want to know why cereal is so ubiquitous of a breakfast item to our current world? Or how gendered marketing, when it comes to childrens’ toys, is so influential! Or maybe learn about how ‘Influencers’ have replaced traditional forms of advertising and marketing! Then this podcast is for you!

Mr. O’Reilly has a long history within the advertising and marketing world of Toronto and works with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to produce his wildly popular radio show and podcast, ‘Under the Influence.’


His work is both educational and easy to listen to. I love his conversational style and every podcast is just a joy to listen to because it feels like you are hearing a close friend telling you a story! Of course, given his job, he must make it mildly slow and monotonous, but if you listen to enough of his podcasts, you will know exactly what I mean! You will happily dismiss the rather monotonous and slow speaking style for the knowledge you gain. It’s a joy really.

Savage Lovecast


Sex, sex, and more Sex! Anything and everything you can think about sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation; this man can answer!

He is very smart. And at least from my observation, trained in the Cognitive Behavioural Techniques of seeing how thoughts effect emotions and behaviour.

Nothing freaks him out though! An orgy, threesome, fisting — bring it on! I have heard listeners from all walks of life ask him questions about how to introduce their boyfriends to the BDSM world or how a Poly-bisexual cleaning lady had to deal with a customer leaving cum all over his bath tub.

You definitely need to be VERY open and have a strong backbone to get through the podcast. But if you were to do it, I think there are a couple of qualities you need to have.


A. You need to be sex-positive. B. You need a curiosity about the different ways that people have sex. (Trust me, it’s not just missionary all the time.) People get kinky and people get kinky ALL the fucking time. C. You have to learn to live with the discomfort. If something you hear bothers you, then stop listening and ponder or come back to it later. Listen, I am not forcing you to listen to him but I am just telling you that he is a great source of advice and information about all things related to sex, sexuality, and orientation. It’s upto you and I’m ok either way!

No Such Thing As A Fish


The QI elves! Do you know who those are? Do you know what QI is? I assure you that these ‘elves’ have nothing to do with Irish folklore. They are not tiny and most certainly not related to Bilbo Baggins!

QI is a British tv program, short for ‘Quite Interesting.’ It has a bunch of guests every episode and they are tested on their facts and knowledge through questions asked to them. The questions are mostly fact based and curious in the sense that you wouldn’t think of them. You have to watch an episode or two of the show on youtube to really get a sense of what I’m talking about.

The people behind this podcast are the same ones who do the research for the show. They fact-check. Fact-hunt. Cross-reference. And a myriad of other things related to logic.

If you are a nerd and geek like me, you will love this podcast! I love learning about obscure facts and knowledge. Like why the First-cousin-of-Lady-Bathurst-of Chesire’s-second-great-aunt wore teal panties. Ok. I made all that shit up but you get what I mean!


It’s a fun podcast that will increase your knowledge about absolutely useless shit that you think you shouldn’t know but then you listen and kinda go, hmmm … I should know this! I have learned all sorts of stuff about the London Underground to why the Yellowstone National Park is basically a super volcano that will explode in the future at some point, and no one knows when. Not to sound alarmist!

Great geeky podcast. That’s my point.

All right. I’m out. Have a great day!



Memoirs of a Gay Childhood

With all this grown up things that have been happening in my life, being engaged, graduating, looking for a job, paying bills etc… and all this change that comes from the inside, all those people from my past that out of the blue ask to be friends on Facebook, someone today reminded me of some of the pain I buried so deep inside of me, that not even drunk me would`ve thought of.

This is actually me dancing at the church

It is not common knowledge, but when I was growing up, my family was very conservative, and we would go to church every sunday, and at one point every other day, I was a ballet dancer, yes, can`t be more gay then that, right!? I was lucky enough to be part of a church where ballet and dancing was part of the culture. It was hard living a double life, I had a boyfriend in school and I was only 16 years old.


Well, that is not my main focus tonight. I actually wanted to talk about the words we say and the impact those words can have on people.

Back on those church days, I remember coming out to my mom, I didn’t actually came out, she outed me … lol … early internet days I didn’t know how to clean the famous “browse history” and somehow my old queen knew how to check those out… who would know. Anyway, she as a true primadona, told me to look for my pastor and talk about what was going on with me. At my church we used to have a male and a female pastor, and of course, I went to the female pastor, I thought, well, she is a woman, she will understand me. I remember she took me to a small room, we both set down and I told her.

I still remember like it was today, that woman that I so admired, looked at me and said “Pedro, God did not create you like this, you need to take this feeling and bury deep inside of you, every time you see a man, you tell yourself, that is wrong, I like women!” those words came like a tsunami destroying everything I had.

giphy (9)

I also remember with pride, that I left that office, I got into my moms car, crying, and I said to myself “who is she to tell me that God doesn’t love me? God made me like this! If he made me like this, HE loves me!” … It wasn’t that simple, I actually tried for a while (like a week) to do what she told me to do!

What I’m trying to share here is, now, I’m a grown up person, I’m 29 years old, and every time when I say something to one of my nieces, my youngest sister, or even my 2 year old nephew, I make sure that I think of my words twice, I make sure to think of the impact that those words will have on them.

I don’t blame that woman for what she said, that is what she believes, but I do blame her for not thinking of the impact of her words.

giphy (11)

Going back to my old friend I “re-met” today on facebook, he went through the same experience with the same person, and it felt really refreshing to know that I overcame all of this, and I looked at my friend with compassion as he is still dealing with all those feelings and learning how to accept himself as he is.

You’re not alone. We are all together on this journey.



Viajar para o Canada sem visto?

giphy (2)

Essa paixão entre Canada e Brasil eh ainda jovem… Não faz muito tempo atras que se você perguntasse a um brasileiro que país no mundo ele gostaria de morar e a resposta seria “Estados Unidos” … e a maioria nem sabia porque… todos nós éramos apaixonados pelos Estados Unidos , convenhamos, eles sao muito bons em vender a imagem deles!

giphy (1)

Bom, já faz um tempo que essa imagem não vai bem, agora com o Trump então, cada dia que passa fica mais difícil de viajar (ou pelo menos pensar) para os EUA.

E agora, parece que o mundo descobriu o Canadá!

Mas não eh exatamente sobre isso que eu quero falar, no ano passado o Governo Federal do Canadá anunciou no dia 31 de Outubro, a isencao de visto para brasileiros que estariam vindo para o Canada. E essa isenção começa agora dia 1 (primeiro) de Maio de 2017!!!

Bom, isso significa que qualquer um pode fazer as malas e vir? Nao eh bem assim.


Antes de fazer as malas e vir correndo para ca sem o visto voce precisa:

1 – ja ter tido o visto canadense ou;

2 – já ter tido ou ter o visto americano.

Se você se enquadra em um desses dois critérios, o processo eh bem simples!!

A unica coisa que você precisa fazer eh solicitar um eTA – eh um processo online, super simples e mega baratinho, custa apenas CAD$7.00 (sete dolares canadenses) e leva apenas alguns minutos para ser concluido. A eTA esta eletronicamente conectada ao seu passaporte e eh valida por cinco anos ou ate que o seu passaporte expire (o que vier primeiro).

Para aqueles que nao sao elegíveis para esse super pratico processo, CALMA!giphy (4)

Voce vai apenas precisar solicitar um visto de visitante usando um dos centros de solicitacoes de vistos em Sampa, Rio ou Brasilia.

Gente, fala serio, o Canada eh um escandalo!!

Se alguém tiver alguma dúvida específica pode mandar uma mensagem aqui no blog que eu vou ajudar da melhor maneira possível! 🙂

giphy (3)

The world needs more Canada.




Crazy things to stop asking lesbians right now

“Do you like being gay?”
“No, I hate it. I just like to confuse people like you!”

As my first post for this beautiful project called Growing The Gay Up, I decided to stick up for all my lesbians out there!
I understand people are absolutely eager to know more about the mysterious L world.
But, lez be honest here… after reading the list below, tell me if you still see yourself in that position:

*all puns intended

1. How can you not like men?

I know, isn’t that crazy? I don’t understand how people can not like olives either but some people really don’t. They actually prefer thir pasta sauce completely boring without olives. And I just have to understand they don’t like olives. Just like I don’t like men. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?

2. So… how do you and your girlfriend have sex? (usually from female friend)

What if someone asks you: Hey! How do you f*** your husband? 

That sounds kind of off. If the conversation is about furniture, don’t just think it’s ok to ask how someone has sex with their own partner. Seriously.

3. You know what you call sex is just foreplay, don’t you?’

So you think lesbians have never had real sex. Ok, lez do the maths:
A study* with 52,000 participants reveals that 95% of straight men have an orgasm during sex. Just 65% of straight women have an orgasm. Whereas, 86% of lesbians have an orgasm.

You may say it’s not real, but it’s damn good!

*Differences in Orgasm Frequency by sexual preference in a U.S. National Sample

4. Can I watch? (usually from male jerk/friend)

Watch this:

Is it a common practice for anybody to watch their straight friends have sex? You see how crazy that sounds.
Maybe, this question need not be answered whatsoever and this “friend” should get the hell out of your life.

5. So who is the man in the relationship?

People, hello! Man? There’s no man. That’s the point, right? Lesbians like women.

6. You just haven’t found the right man yet

Answer to female friend: So, no girl has eaten you out really good, right? That’s why you’re straight.
Answer to male friend: Guess no guy has gotten you really good yet, right? That’s why you’re straight. Shame.
Does that make sense?

7. But you are so pretty…


8. Do you wanna do me then? (female friend)

Lesbians are not animals in heat that just have to do it with anybody.

9. Do you peek in the locker room at the gym?

So, under this logic of yours: a male gynecologist must get turned on all the time, and he’s probably chosen his career just to be around pussy all day!
When lesbians go to a locker room is for a non-sexual reason. Lesbians take showers.

If you think of any other questions let me know in the comments below!

Hope you had fun and lez fight together for a world with less awkward moments for all of us.
Stay safe. See you next time!

Brazil, why are you killing us?

I’ve always considered myself a very luck person to live here, in this beautiful blessed country called Canada. Usually, people ask me, “you’re from Rio, what the heck are you doing here?!”

Well, my country is going through an epidemic of Anti-Gay violence! Nothing happened to me physically, as I said, I feel blessed. But i see people i love, people I don’t know, but I see my people getting killed for nothing… for being gay????


Well, this morning I woke up for this video on my timeline on facebook … I couldn’t find the video on Youtube as it was aired on brazilian tv last night, and yet, they’ve already got 2 millions views in that beautiful message. Even if you don’t speak portuguese, you can feel the energy… I’m quoting here what is said by the singer in the end of the song …


“Brasil is the country that most kill transvestites, transexuals, homossexuals and bisexual people in the world. This has to end. Enough! That’s  the only way we can redeem ourselves.”


If you want to know more about the singer his name is Liniker and he calls himself a “black faggot”. Liniker, as a Brazilian, I’m proud of you!! Keep doing your great work!

Pedro Ribeiro.


Queda de Niagara… Em PORTUGUES?!

Ola queridos leitores !

Estou muito feliz com o resultado desse primeiro video em portugues! Meu noivo e eu fomos em Niagara Falls no final de semana, e ele pela primeira vez comeu comida brasileira, nos estamos preparando um video dele falando da própria experiência e pra você ficar por dentro, basta subscribe a nossa pagina no Youtube !

Mas o que esta deixando meu coração cheio de alegria hoje, eh poder oferecer a voces um video quase que totalmente em portugues! Se tem duas frases em ingles eh muito! hehe

O post nao eh apenas pra falar do video… Segue abaixo uma lista de coisas bem legais pra fazer em Niagara Falls se eh a sua primeira vez na cidade!

Top 5 coisas pra fazer em Niagara Falls

1 – Clifton Hill


Eu fico ate sem ar so de pensar em Clifton Hill, nessa parte da cidade, talvez a mais movimentada, você vai encontrar diversos museus de cera, casas assombradas e muitas, muitas outras coisas… Pra vocês terem ideia, tem um parque aquático, isso mesmo, parque AQUÁTICO!! A diversão eh garantida pra toda a família!


2 – Butterfly Conservatory 


Não precisa ser crianca pra querer visitar essa maravilha com mais de 2000 borboletas tropicais voando livremente dentro do conservatório!

3 – Skylon Tower Observation


Em Toronto, nos temos a CN Tower em Niagara Falls a Skylon Tower Observation, dentro da torre, você vai encontrar, alem da vista incrível das quedas, você pode ver Buffalo (a cidade americana do outro lado da fronteira) e pasmen, ate toronto! A torre oferece também um restaurante (chiquérrimo) e alguns filmes em 3D e 4D!

4 – Nightmares Fear Factory


Eu nao tive coragem de ir, mas so de caminhar na frente, da um medo danado!!! Como o anuncio mesmo fala, mais de 100.000 (cem mil) pessoas nao conseguiram ir ate o final! Pra quem gosta, essa eh a melhor opcao!

5 – Fallsview Cassino Resort


(This photo of Niagara Fallsview Casino is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

Nao eh o único cassino da cidade, mas na minha opiniao, eh o melhor!! O mais badalado, localização maravilhosa, e o hotel tambem eh incrivel!!


Bom, meus amigos! Por hoje eh isso!

Curtam o nosso canal do Youtube e a nossa pagina no Facebook!

Continuem mandando opiniões e ideias para o Blog, estou colocando todas em prática!




It is here, It is real!

Heya, just as I promised …

I’m very exited to upload this new presentation video to my blog, I’ve had help from my partner who recorded everything and also helped me editing this masterpiece … yeah, right!

Soon, we will be adding the “Canadian eating Brazilian food” and some more cool videos in Portuguese too.

Hope you’re all enjoying it.

Now, subscribe to my channel on youtube and share my video as you please.

Dia da Familia – Family Day

Ola meus queridos amigos! Hoje e o dia da família aqui no Canada! E eu quero falar um pouco sobre isso com vocês.


O “Family day” eh celebrado em diferentes datas nas diferentes provincias do Canada, as provincias de Alberta, Ontario e Saskatchewan celebram na terceira Segunda-feira de Fevereiro (HOJE!), em British Columbia na segunda Segunda-feira de Fevereiro.

Esse feriado, eh importante por aqui, pois celebra a importancia das famílias e a vida (dia-a-dia) das famílias em suas comunidades.


Bom, acho que pelo nome do feriado já da pra saber o foco principal ne? Nesse feriado as pessoas voltam o seu foco para as suas famílias, cada família aproveita de uma forma diferente, algumas vão para a Galeria de Arte, assistindo filmes em casa ou no cinema, saindo pra patinar no gelo (sim, ainda estamos no inverno aqui), jogar jogos de tabuleiro e todos os tipos de atividades manuais com o intuito de conectar e celebrar a família!

Minha Mae, meus irmaos Julia e Joao e Eu – celebrando Family Day em 2016

Eu fiz uma lista aqui com o que fazer hoje para o dia da família aqui em Toronto. 🙂

Visitar a CN Tower – Hockey Hall of Fame – Distillery District –  Casa Loma ( que por sinal esta com uma exibição incrível dos figurinos da Bela e a Fera )

Eu e meu noivo celebrando da maneira mais canadense possível – Com Tim Hortons e passeando pela cidade


Family Day, foi primeiro comemorado na província de ALberta em 1990. Foi supostamente criado para refletir os valores da família e da importância da casa para os pioneiros que descobriram e fundaram a provincia de Alberta, e claro, dar aos trabalhadores a oportunidade de aproveitar um dia a mais com a familia. O dia da Família foi introduzido em Saskatchewan em 2007 e em Ontario em 2008, em British Columbia o dia da família foi considerado um feriado em 2013 pela primeira vez. Uma das razões de introdução desse feriado no calendario canadense, eh a ausencia de feriados entre o ano novo e a sexta feira santa.


Quando a gente toma essa decisão de imigrar pra outro pais muitas vezes esses feriados que pra muitos eh apenas mais um dia com a família, se torna muito difícil pra nos. Eu algumas vezes, e muitos dos meus amigos que também sao imigrantes, temos a família que nos escolhemos aqui. E sim, essa familia se torna tao unida que em dias como esse, tudo o que nos queremos e estar com essa familia. Ligamos, passamos whatsapp e fazemos facetime e skype com a nossa família no Brasil, mas o amor, carinho (ate as brigas) dessa nossa familia aqui eh muito importante e valorizada, geralmente celebrada com algumas cervejas e um bom churrasco (a la moda canadense) …

Se você esta por aqui, deixe a sua experiencia. Se voce esta por ai, diga-me o que acha desse feriado?! Sera que deveriamos ter dias como esse no Brasil?

Nao se esqueçam de curtir meu  canal no Youtube !! E se vocês tiverem apenas um minuto, deem uma olhada no trailer para o video de apresentação que eu estou trabalhando para o blog! O video contem legendas em portugues 🙂



Just introducing something I’ve been working on. 

Recently, my youngest sister, Julia, basically the one that follows everything i do online (besides my partner who’s the one next to me when i’m doing it, and my mom who’s always criticizing everything) told me that I should have a channel on youtube and share videos to compliment the nice work I’ve been doing on the blog (those are her words)…


Well, I kinda always wanted to do that, but never had the courage to.

So, now im doing it! and I wanted to share with ya all the first TRAILER of the work we’ve been doing (and by we, I mean my partner Roy and I).

That is the man I love

I also wanted to share with you that have been following the blog, enjoying and being inspired by it, that pretty soon, I’ll be introducing people that have been changing our LGBTQ community here in Toronto and all around the world.


I  started already on my last post about Charlie Tredway, he is someone we should all be looking up to! But I want to do more, I’ve already set it up a couple of interviews and I’m working on that and it’s going to be FABULOUS!

Also, soon, we will have a collaborator from Los Angeles, California, I know, eh! CALI!! She is an amazing woman, I’ve got the chance to meet back in Rio de Janeiro (where I’m from), she has her own blog and she is doing an amazing work there, it is beautiful and I think you should check it out, and it was an honour to me when she agreed to have a column here and share with us about her own experiences and life changing experiences.

I really hope you’re all enjoying it, and please, keep in mind, i’m here so we can change the world!

Leave comments, send me emails and we will go from there!

Let’s make a change!






Charlie Tredway,


Charlie Tredway, 33 years old, South African born and raised in New Zealand and in the US. He is a man living with HIV, and we couldn’t be more proud of you!


What a year to be alive!


He will represent Kiwis on the world stage after being crowned Mr Gay New Zealand.

He won the competition after 10 finalists were put through their paces at the Big Gay Out in Auckland last Sunday. The 10 finalists who were among dozens of candidates were required to conduct a series of tasks including, writing and article on a topic of their choice, a charity challenge, and a Q&A at the final.


Our beautiful Charlie works for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation “I am passionate about community involvement, especially working towards a greater discussion about HIV so we can dispel the myths and misconceptions. These hinder the ability of HIV+ people to lead a wonderful, authentic life free of stigma and are also a barrier to reducing the rate of new infections.” Way to go Charlie!




Cristiano, wait for it… Ronaldo!


Cristiano Ronaldo has just launched his new CR7 Spring/Summer underwear collection, the Real Madrid superstar just left us all speechless!

Yes my dear friends, breath! Because you’re about to see some pictures of mister Ronaldo in his underwear.


One of our favourites soccer hunk is releasing his SS17 CR7 Underwear campaign, and this time, he is devoted to making sure his skivvies make us all feel good on the inside. Oh good Lord! What a good year!

Don’t freak out just because he looks sexier than ever. I know, eh, we are all obsessed!!!!

OK, enough talking… we just want to see the pictures!







Gimme VOGUE.


giphy-downsized-large (1)

You’re probably asking the reason why I’m writing about this, it is so old news! But not all gay guys my age and younger know where this dance movement came from, as I didn’t know until recently. In my mind those were just movements from madonna’s most famous video clip and I believe I’m not the only one.

giphy (13)

Voguing – by the historical accounts, a form of dance that was created on the streets of Harlem by a subculture of young black and latino gay men in the 1980’s, it is most easily recognised for its flamboyant hand movements, twirls and poses based on the runway walks of models, using exaggerated hand gestures and elaborate poses, they stood in front of club mirrors and slowly played out the Fifth Avenue scene.

giphy (15)

Usually performed to house music and a chorus of men screaming “Werk” and “Yaaas” but trust me, it is way more complex than that. Voguing is an art that is inextricably linked with ideas of fashion, luxury and social economic mobility; its dramatic hand and leg movements are based on elements of classical ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques such as those founded by Martha Graham and Lester Horton.
giphy (16)I recently watched “Paris is burning” on Netflix, and if like me, you’re looking for that historical link to understand some of our recent cultural events, you should take a look and watch carefully this documentary as you might feel bad if you miss something, and yes, I’m just telling you every single line in that movie is relevant.

Stay tuned for more info.

L.ife G.ets B.etter T.ogether




An Ethiopian Adventure

Hi everyone! I am Gee. Pedro and I have been friends for years now and he has invited me to make posts here occasionally! I live just outside Toronto in the suburb of Brampton! I love podcasts, world cuisines, and rainy days. I will be posting about food, events, tv shows, movies, and anything else that catches my fancy!

I have decided to start my first post with a visit to my favourite Ethiopian restaurant in Toronto. I don’t know where my readers are from but here in the Greater Toronto Area, one can easily find food from around the world. Ethiopian food is quite unique for being very vegetarian friendly and that suits me very well given that I have been a life long vegetarian!

ETHIOPIAN HOUSE – 4 Irwin Ave., Toronto


This is the entrance to the restaurant. You can see the Ethiopian flag flying proudly alongside the Canadian one. In the summer, the patio is always popping! I was first introduced to this place roughly 8 years ago by a close friend. Back then we used to check out different restaurants weekly and this one was his suggestion! Let’s go inside!


The main attraction of the downstairs eating area is this beautiful painting of the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela. They are ancient churches that are literally built into the ground. You should google them to see them in all their glory.

Some more delights of the interior. It is full of paintings and photographs depicting traditional and rural Ethiopian folk life. A lot of it prominently features Ethiopian women with different garbs and hairstyles. Not to forget that you also get to see a lot of Ethiopian tchotchkes some of which I wouldn’t mind buying if they sold them! And now onto the food!


One unique feature of Ethiopian food is that it is eaten with hands as opposed to using utensils. The main ‘vessel’ for eating is this unique bread called Injera. It is a soft, spongy, and slightly sour bread made from Teff flour. I like the Injera at Ethiopian House because it is the white kind as opposed to the brown variety that I have seen at some other Ethiopian restaurants. I just like the taste of this one. I think the closest distinction I would make is a preference for white bread over whole wheat.


Pictured above is my regular order at this restaurant. It is called the Vegetarian Bayaaynatu and features a small sample of 8 distinctly delicious veggie dishes. I was so hungry and enamoured by the dish that I dug right in without taking a picture! I had to stop myself and snap one before I could continue! It features dishes like Goman Wat (Collard Greens), Sherro Wat (Chick Pea powder mash in Berbere sauce), and Atakelt Wat (Mixed vegetables in tomato sauce) among others. For a full listing check out their menu here. Also as far as I am aware, all these dishes are also vegan and the bread is gluten-free.


If you can handle a bit of heat then another must-have to order is the Senig Karia. Can you guess which item I am talking about? I’ll give you a hint: it’s green and some would say an ungodly large amount for one person. It’s the Jalapeño pepper you see gently sitting there! Not to worry though, it is completely deseeded and then stuffed with a mixture of tomatoes and onions. It gives that added extra kick to your tongue. My friend tried making it at home but he could never get the right mixture that the restaurant stuffs their peppers with.

Other features of the restaurant include an elaborate and very traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony which needs to be ordered well in advance. It is brought out on a platter with Frankincense burning in an incense holder and a side of popcorn! The scent just completely fills up the room and it is quite intoxicating. Unfortunately we didn’t order it this time so I couldn’t take a picture.

Overall, it’s a great restaurant that I return to time and time again with new friends and old ones too! You should definitely try out some Ethiopian food in your city or go to this restaurant. The service is top notch and the restaurant has got some great reviews from local publications.

That’s it for now! Until next time!



We’re in Niágara Falls

We’ve been working on some cool videos that will be uploaded next weekend. 

I recently graduated from college, this week actually. So before starting the crazy grown up life, we decided to come to Niágara falls and enjoy those 3 days we have in between my last day of class and my placement in a big law firm starting next week. 

Last night, my partner went for te first time tô a Brazilian restaurant and had real Brazilian food (not the rice and beans I usually prepare for him), I made sure to record those moments, and we’re preparing a video based on that experience too, ce’mon a Canadian guy having real Brazilian barbecue for the first time can’t be missed, right? 

I hope you all enjoyed your family day weekend, and hope you’re week is going as fabulous as it can be! 

Btw, big new things are coming to our blog! More and more partnerships and information coming for those who believe! 

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Muah, Pedro!